Succesful outcomes for challenging dental issues.

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Example of implant treatment to replace failed bridgework

This patient attended with a failing bridge supported by 2 teeth. Both of the teeth had infection and needed to be removed. The case was treated using two implants and the area was grafted to support the tissue. A porcelain bridge was used to reconstruct the implants and provide a stable cosmetic and functional outcome. The patient is now at 3 year review.

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Example of implant treatment in a trauma case

The patient suffered trauma to his two central incisor teeth. Repairs were attempted but failed and the two teeth were removed. Initially, the teeth were replaced with a removable denture, and after a period of healing the site was grafted and restored with two ceramic implant crowns.

Treatment of extreme wear

Dietary acid can have profound consequences on tooth enamel. In this case, long-term exposure has resulted in enamel loss and advanced wear. As a result the patient has both cosmetic issues and sensitivity concerns. In advanced cases full case planning is essential as well as controlling the factors responsible for the problem. Conservative management is of primary concern. In this cases, surgery was undertaken to re-position the soft tissues followed by bonded ceramic restorations to restore form and protect the tooth structure. The result is an improvement in both form and function.