Smile Gallery
by Anthony summerwill

Please find below a selection of Anthony's most recent work. 

Anthony will not rest until your smile is perfect and he will do everything he can to improve it.

This may be a very subtle change that means the world to you or it can be a very drastic overhaul of your teeth. Some of the most dramatic cosmetic dentistry cases are profiled below to illustrate the results that can be achieved with Anthony's hard work and your determination to look after your new smile. 

Each treatment plan is bespoke to individual patients and will be designed to achieve the best possible result.

Book a consultation, at a location of your choice, to discuss your treatment using our online booking form today. 

“Anthony’s amazing technical ability changed my life. I had a front tooth implant with a bridge and needed grafting due to the bone loss - after losing my tooth in a door related incident 30 years ago. I’ve had countless root canals and a couple of crowns that didn’t last more than a year or two - My own dentist advised me to contact Anthony after a few false starts with other specialists (it was a very complex job I’m told) Anthony coped brilliantly with my fears and was always patient making me feel completely supported. I’m delighted with the result and for the first time in my adult life I am confident enough to smile without embarrassment! Thank you so much. “
— Mrs JK, Birmingham

Smile 1

This lady fractured several posterior teeth following a fall. The teeth were extracted and replaced with 3 implant supported crowns.



Smile 2

This gentleman presented with advanced wear affecting all of his teeth. He also had several failing teeth that needed removal. After a series of planning appointments and following a multi-staged treatment plan, the bite relationship was changed and the mouth restored with a combination of ceramic crowns and dental implants. The patient is now in a long-term maintenance program.



Over the course of the last eighteen months I have received extensive restorative dental treatment including several implants from Anthony Summerwill at the Westbourne Clinic.
This treatment was undertaken most diligently and professionally with full consultation at all stages.
The results are exceptional and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is contemplating any form of complex dental treatment.
— Patient, Birmingham